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Mobile & Web Self-Service
Journey-Centric End to End Automation
Field Service App
Proactive Campaigns
Real-Time Measurements

Mobile & Web Self-Service

Using speech, responsive custom mobile forms or messaging, allow your customers, employees and partners to raise requests.

Online Store & Order Management System Using Round Infinity Order Management System, instantly create B2B or B2C Commerce applications with payments integrated. Get a single view of all your orders and inventory. Using workflows integrated with order management system, seamlessly fulfil orders across multiple departments within specified SLAs. Auto-assign orders to distributors or third parties, if required.
Customer Self-Service Portal Allow your customers to place orders, create new requests or ask for support. Create your own custom journeys per your business requirements. Customer requests could be anything such as application of a loan with document attachments, filing a claim, placing an order, raising a complaint, booking an appointment, paying a bill, etc.
Vendor Self-Service Portal Allow your vendors, suppliers, distributors & third-parties to participate in journeys, complete tasks or raise new requests in a self-service manner. These could be requests to submit an invoice, raise a service request, check parts inventory, complete an order, or any other such request as required by your business.
Employee Self-Service Portal Allow your employees to raise new requests, participate in journeys, or complete tasks in a self-service manner. These could be requests for leave, travel, procurement, client report submission, compliance submission, expense claim, asking a question to HR or any other such request as required by your business.
Self-Service Appointment Booking Allow your customers to book appointments in a self-service manner. Assignment of appointments can happen automatically to your employees per slot availability & skills.
Voice & Chat Based 24/7 Self-Service Support Allow your customers, partners & employees to raise queries, raise complaints or find information using Voice based Answer Bots. Using embedded links in SMS notifications, allow customers, partners & employees to have conversations with your agents over SMS.
Voice Based Knowledge Search Let your customers & employees search and find answers to the simple problems they face while using your product or service. To facilitate this, Round Infinity Knowledge Management features allows securely storing documents in folders/sub-folders hierarchy, upload of hundreds of documents in 1 click, full text search, email notifications of uploaded documents with document links to permissioned users, creation of solutions/articles, etc.

Journey-Centric End to End Automation

Using cognitive technologies, bots and workflows, we ensure every piece of request is acted upon in stipulated time.

Orchestrate Work from Start to Finish Round Infinity Case Management allows every email, feedback, chat, order, request, phone call or a REST push that comes into your Round Infinity journeys be automatically converted into tickets and assigned to agents per your custom routing & prioritization rules. Case Management is unified with process automation & workflows, which allows you to further assign & track work across departments. There is no more switching between multiple tools. No more missing out on follow ups and delaying replies.
Customer Contact Centre CRM Transform your contact centre with Round Infinity innovative platform powered by industry leading case management. Automated business processes, unified data and intelligent software robots enable exceptional customer engagement.
Streamline Online Orders Fulfilment Gets a single view of all your customer orders and inventory to reduce errors and time taken in fulfilment. Seamlessly fulfil orders & requests across multiple departments within specified SLAs using unified order management with process automation & workflows.
Digitize Customer Journeys & Business Processes Digitize, manage and optimize your most complex processes, end-to-end, without limitations. These processes can be across business functions like Customer Orders, Employee On boarding, Travel Booking, Expense Re-Imbursement, Sales Tracking, Contract Tracking, Procurement, Customer Service, Purchase Order Approval, Invoice Payments Approval, Marketing Collateral Management, Loan Lifecycle Management, Compliance Tracking, etc.
Bots for Automatic Validation Of Attachments By using Round Infinity OCR capabilities, Validation Rules & Indexing Rules, automate processing & validations of invoices sent by your vendors, expense receipts submitted by your employees, claim documents submitted by your customers, etc. Based on results of validation, the workflow can be further auto-assigned to a human or completed by the bot without any human intervention.
Seamlessly Assign Tasks To Bots or Humans Round Infinity RPA allows enterprises the flexibility to optimize how work gets done in the enterprise by orchestrating workflows, done by humans or bots, from a central platform.
Provide Visibility Across Business Silos As work passes from one business silo to the next, Round Infinity preserves the context and audit trail of each piece of work throughout the entire work lifecycle. This helps large organizations integrate, automate, and improve their complex front- and back-office business operations.
Create Your Own Custom CRM With No Code Create your own custom CRM the way you want it. This allows you to focus on running your business the way you want to and not how the software dictates. Keep track of contacts, customers, opportunities, calls, meetings, service requests, complaints, orders, etc. the way your business demands.
Bots for Auto-Report Dispatch & Real-Time Voice Analytics Using custom document templates mapped to columns in your custom journeys, schedule auto-generation & auto-dispatch of reports & documents such as invoices, bills, inspection reports, service reports, etc. to your customers or vendors.

Field Service App

Allow your mobile workers to collect data on mobile devices. Provide them with real-time information they need to perform their tasks.

Custom Mobile Forms For Data Collection Round Infinity provides a powerful mobile forms automation solution powered by workflow management capabilities. Perform inspections, audits, installation visits, service visits, maintenance visits, etc. Collect data on site, seamlessly embed rich information such as photos, sketches, signatures, and GPS stamps and instantly deliver field data to key stakeholders and connected business applications.
Field Service Checklists Easily integrate customised checklists into your maintenance and service forms.
Go Paperless Send up-to-date work orders directly to people in the field - skip the trip to the office. Send estimates, service report and invoices from the field in real time to customers.
Custom Workflows Trigger notifications, and task dispatching with forms automation & workflows
Insights Into Field Operations Get reports and analyse data collection forms from the field to uncover patterns, meaningful correlations, and the root cause of critical issues.
Track Field Service Agents Track in real-time location of your field service agents. Check work load & appointments schedule of your field service staff during assignment.


Respond to inquiries on all channels (Email, Social, IoT, Contact Centre, SMS, Digital Assistant) from one universal inbox.

Voice Or Text Chat With Support Engage with customers, partners & employees in real time on your website using live chat. Your agents can take up multiple incoming chats. Chats are automatically converted into tickets to ensure a response is sent within specified SLA.
Convert Social Conversations To Tickets Integrate your company’s Facebook, Twitter & Instagram handles, understand the sentiment of social conversations & automatically convert every negative conversation into trackable ticket in your helpdesk journey.
Push/Pull Data To/From Journeys Using REST protocol channel of Round Infinity, automatically push/pull data to/from your custom journeys in Round Infinity. Each journey on Round Infinity, automatically has REST integration API capabilities.
Bulk-Upload Data From External Systems Using Excel channel of Round Infinity, you can bulk-upload data into any journey on Round Infinity.
Convert Support Emails To Tickets Automatically understand the sentiment of your support emails & convert every support email into trackable ticket in the helpdesk that you can manage and execute tasks on.
Convert SMS Requests To Tickets Automatically read incoming SMS requests & convert every SMS into trackable ticket in your helpdesk journey.
Convert Data From Sensors To Tickets Using Round Infinity IoT integration, automatically read incoming alerts from sensors & convert every alert into ticket in your helpdesk journey.
Call Centre & Phone Support Set up a fully functional call centre on the cloud that is tightly integrated with your helpdesk using the phone channel powered by Round Infinity. You can port or buy support numbers anywhere in the globe and answer calls right within the helpdesk. Agents can record calls, attach them to tickets, and easily access contextual data such as recent conversations with the customer.

Proactive Campaigns

Engage your customers with timely and targeted messages & offers using smart segmentation & machine learning.

Campaign Manager Using Round Infinity intuitive Campaign Manager, a content designer & dynamic consumer segmentation capabilities, send targeted & personalised marketing through multiple channels. You can send promotional messages with attachments, company updates, product discount intimations or offers.
Real Time Dynamic Offers Upsell, cross sell and push real-time dynamic offers to consumers. These offers are integrated with Round Infinity Order Management System & can be seamlessly leveraged by your consumers during checkout.
Smart Segmentation Using AI based smart segmentation, understand consumer behaviour and preferences to transform to data driven marketing that can help you unlock growth from unexpected places.
Omnichannel Engagement Communicate consistently across different media with integrated messaging and cross channel orchestration.
Single View Of Customer Get a 360 view of your customers, from past purchases to all interactions across channels, their preferences and profile, all at one place.

Real-Time Measurements

Understand, in real time, sentiment of your customers & track customer satisfaction levels, so timely action can be taken.

Orders Fulfilment Dashboard Get a real-time view of orders & revenue generated across all your stores. View pending orders, delayed orders, returns and orders out for delivery. Allow your customers to check status of requests & orders in a self-service manner.
Agents & Workflow Performance Dashboard Track your agents performance & find agents that are not completing tasks within specified SLAs. Track status of workflows or approvals & know the SLA performance of entire workflow. In real-time, know how many requests are at which process step of the workflow.
Field Service Performance Dashboard Track performance of your field service staff. Track absent agents, real-time location of agents & SLA performance of field staff.
Custom Reports Builder Create custom BI reports & dashboards of any complexity as required by your business. Use the Round Infinity Report Builder to generate reports with aggregates, grouping, filters, etc. Download report output to Excel & PDF. Drill down on data as required.
Customer Satisfaction Dashboard Round Infinity Customer Satisfaction feature allow you to run surveys, gather feedback, analyse results, and take action to improve your Net Promoter Score. Track, in real-time, your Customer Satisfaction Score, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score & Sentiment Analysis Score.
Campaigns Dashboard Measure success of your marketing campaigns. Optimize your marketing campaigns through insights gained from timely performance reports.