How it works ?

Go-live with a fully digitalized & automated cloud contact center in less than 60 minutes.

1. Self-Serve

Digitalize business processes & journeys to enable self-service for customers, employees & partners.

No-Code Custom Web Apps

Configure no-code external facing mobile responsive custom web apps to accept business requests as required by your business & the industry that you serve. Examples of custom apps include leave, procurement, service request, expense approval, complaint, lead, order, etc. Custom apps are built on a Flexible Data Model, which allows you to store almost any data structure, making it easy for you to store information specific to your business & also integrate with your existing systems such as SAP, Oracle, etc. Custom Apps can have workflows attached to it with escalations, reminders, REST, access security, validations, etc.

Omnichannel Support - Call Center, WhatsApp, Twitter, Live Chat, Email

Using voice, responsive custom mobile apps, messaging or social channels, allow your customers, employees and partners to raise support requests using channel of their choice. Configure Messaging Bots or Voice Bots to auto-respond to requests or auto-collect orders, data, etc. from users. Route requests to agents which they can respond from one universal inbox. Agents will always have the context to progress conversations forward without customers repeating information.

Order Forms With Payments

Instantly setup an online store to allow users to place orders & pay for orders in a self-service manner. Auto-assign orders to store, supplier or distributor. Easily mange your product inventory, discounts, shipping costs, taxes, invoices, etc. to facilitate your online & in-store sales.

Appointments With Payments

Allow users to book appointments in a self-service manner. Auto-assign appointments based on availability slots, skills, groups, etc. Send automatic reminders for appointments. Collect payment for appointments during booking, if required.

Payments Collection

Configure custom apps with payments enabled, so as to easily collect payments for your products or services. Auto-send reminders for recurring payments & allow users to easily pay using a payment link.


Digitalize & automate your expense management & employee approval processes. It will eliminate the errors, paper and procedures that go with it - frees up your employees and gives you more control over compliance and costs. Users can quickly take a picture of receipts, submit expense reports for approval from any mobile device, and keep productivity on track.

Video KYC

Reduce your KYC completion cost by up to 90 percent with Round Infinity Video KYC capabilities. Allow appointment booking for Video KYC, securely participate in Video Chat, collect documents, capture screenshots & send for the KYC request for approval to multiple departments. Configure KYC bot to auto-validate KYC documents with the video recording using OCR & facial recognition.

2. Automate

Automate fulfilment of requests by leveraging AI-powered bots or intelligent workflows.

Intelligent Routing & Workflows

Orchestrate work from end-to-end & get all stakeholders to serve your customers within prescribed time limit. Round Infinity's extensible, multi-step and branched workflows enable conditional logic that can seamlessly assigns & route tasks to internal & external team members & can update any system in real-time, enabling advanced business process automation. Case prioritization, reminders, alerts, SLA management & escalations are applied across all stakeholders. Each process step of the task can be assigned based on rules, groups, skills, business hours, availability, etc.

Unified Agent Desktop

Allow your agents to track and manage all incoming requests from all channels with one Agent Inbox. All responses from agents, are automatically sent to the channel from which the request was received. Allow your agents to quickly & consistently respond to common inquiries using pre-formatted replies.

Call Center Voice Bots & IVR

Set up a fully functional call center by selecting phone numbers that fits your business location needs. Receive inbound calls from customers & route them to appropriate agents. Setup Voice Bots to automatically serve calling customers before routing to human agent. Voice bots can collect data, answer queries, create tickets, etc., thereby keeping your call center load to the minimal. Voice Bots uses data in Round Infinity CRM & custom apps to auto-respond. Keep track of incoming calls with automatic ticket creation. Manage compliance & quality assurance using call recordings, call transcriptions & sentiment analysis.

Messaging Bots

Configure Messaging Bots to automatically respond to queries from WhatsApp, Live Chat or Email. Messaging Bots uses data in Round Infinity CRM & custom apps and content in knowledge base to auto-respond. After each response, the Messaging Bots get smarter & learn on their own. The messaging bots can collect data, answer queries, create tickets, etc.

KYC Bots

KYC Bots are used for Video KYC requests. These bots use OCR to validate KYC documents. They also use facial recognition AI to analyze video recordings & validate the customer face with KYC documents.

Field Service Automation

Deliver intelligent onsite service, collect data in offline mode & transform customer experience in field. Make it easy for your customers to schedule appointments, for your field workers to receive work orders & appointments, service the customer, collect data on a mobile device, & send estimates, service reports and invoices from the field in real time to customers and back-office systems. Allow supervisors to track location & performance of your field service operations in real-time.

REST API Integration

Easily pull or push data from external systems to custom applications on Round Infinity. Round Infinity's flexible REST API architecture makes it easy to integrate external applications or home grown systems with Round Infinity using Push APIs or Pull Triggers. You can easily push data such as transactions, leads, orders, etc. from your in-house systems to Round Infinity and similarly pull data from Round Infinity to your in-house systems. This allows your agents to see all data of a customer in one place, & thereby allowing the agent to better serve the customer without switching systems.

3. Enage

Accelerate prospect engagement, proactively engage with customers, build loyalty & close more deals.

Voice & Text Campaigns

Proactively engage with your customers & employees, seek feedback & build loyalty. Engage with your customers, employees & partners across digital channels, with timely and targeted messages & offers using smart segmentation. Using Round Infinity automated outbound phone calling services, reach a large set of audience in one go. Get in touch with millions of customers or employees simultaneously through automated voice call bursts & automatically collect response or feedback. Store the same in custom apps for automatic assignment to your agents.

In-Built CRM: Service Reports, Invoices, Lead to Fulfilment, etc.

Grow your business by automating entire sales & billing processes from lead to fulfilment. Automate your CPQ (configure, price, quote) and billing processes as required by your business. Close more deals faster than you ever thought possible. Track your opportunities pipeline, generate accurate quotes, better contracts, grow your accounts faster, find new customers faster, and close deals faster - from anywhere. Easily manage callback requests, reminders, alerts, etc. Use Document Templates to generate service reports, quotes, invoices, etc. as required by your business.

Video Conferencing

Allow users to easily schedule video meetings. Allow participant to securely join video calls. Record video meetings & easily access these recordings for compliance & audit purposes. Easily schedule appointments for video calls.

Knowledge Base

Quickly build a customizable help center so your customers, employees & partners can get their queries answered in a self-service manner. Deliver articles & documents using a central repository which can store guides, documents, best practices, policies, procedures, etc. that can be securely accessed and shared between multiple users & locations. Bulk upload documents, search, & maintain version history to ensure a single version of truth for each document.


Easily configure detailed surveys using custom apps to gather feedback and answers from users. Thereafter, run analytics on this data to get results.

Customer 360

Get a complete 360 view of your customers, employees & partners - their orders, service requests, cases, calls, conversations, etc., all in one view. Get a single, shared view of every user across all your departments - including marketing, sales, commerce, and service. Additionally, you can seamlessly push or pull data from your external/in-house system to custom apps on Round Infinity, so that your agents get to see data from these systems too. Each custom app in Round Infinity is automatically REST Trigger enabled.

4. Analyze

Gauge sentiment of customers using real-time insights from conversations & calls, & act swiftly to pacify dissatisfied customers.

Live SLA Dashboard

Get a better sense of how you're doing with your SLA by gaining visibility into cases volume, agent performance, and other key support metrics across all channels. Analyze team and user performance for response, resolution, and handle time. Find agents that are not completing tasks within specified SLAs. Each custom app in Round Infinity has its own SLA dashboard, which shows the performance of tasks & process steps in each custom app.

Call Recordings Speech Analytics

In real-time, using AI, extract text out of the calls your agents have with your customers. Thereafter, using AI, analyze & track sentiment of these conversation & immediately follow-up with customers who have not had so good experience with your customer service.

Cross-Channel Analytics

For each channel, after agent closes customer service ticket, Round Infinity allows to automatically gather rating from the customer. This allows to track your Customer Satisfaction Score. In real-time, find out which agents are not keeping the customers happy.

Custom Reports

Create custom BI reports & dashboards, of any complexity, as required by your business. Use the Round Infinity Report Builder to generate reports with aggregates, grouping, filters, relative dates, etc. Download report output to Excel & PDF. Drill down on data as required. Schedule auto-generation of reports so that you can receive them in your inbox periodically.