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World's 1st Total Experience (TX) software that combines the power of no-code custom apps & workflows with AI-powered unified CRM to help companies deliver end-to-end customer, employee & partner experience, exactly as required by their business.

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Without writing any software, rapidly deliver end-to-end connected business-critical applications, digital self-service, Customer 360 & cross-functional workflows that mirror your business.

Trusted by 500+ companies, Round Infinity is a unified no-code Total Experience (TX) software. Total Experience is about delivering an all-around exceptional experience to your customers, employees or partners. Clients use our AI-powered unified CRM in combination with our capabilities to create no-code custom business applications, and workflow automation to solve their most pressing business challenges - from executing transactions to enabling self-service to personalizing engagement to automating service to streamlining operations.

Why Round Infinity?


Reduction in custom software development cost & disparate software licenses


Increase in self-service usage by customers, employees & partners


Reduction in customer care, service & contact center costs


Increase in leads, sales, revenue & customer loyalty


Reduction in silos & increase in employees productivity

Unite all your teams around the customer and exceed their expectations, while saving time and money.

Behind every great customer, employee or partner digital self-service experience is a great journey, & Round Infinity is designed from ground up to deliver end-to-end customized journeys on one platform, without any software coding. Round Infinity contextually integrates AI-powered CRM apps, no-code custom apps you configure & data from your existing systems, for your teams to digitalize any use case end-to-end & unite around the customer using a 360 view.

Fast time to value

Leverage the power of no-code custom apps integrated with AI-powered unified CRM to digitalize your use cases or processes end-to-end, in hours, exactly as required by your business.

Deliver next-gen experiences

Deliver unified web, mobile, and conversational experiences that give your customers, employees, and partners instant access to information and services on any device.

No more silos

Without writing any software, automate any workflow across departments, systems, and processes. Knock down silos with one data model and one architecture across the enterprise.

Reduce costs

AI-powered automation of marketing, contact center & customer service allows machines to respond, reduce costs, empower agents & enable 24/7 self-service.

Protect existing investments

Easily pull and push data from Round Infinity business apps to your external systems. Each business application on Round Infinity is automatically REST enabled.

Operate everywhere

Enable anyone in your team to automate, extend, and build digital workflow apps at scale. Provide access of these apps across any device, channel or digital touchpoints.

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