Take patient, employee & partner relationships and experience to new heights. Digitalize and self-service enable any healthcare use case without software developers, in a fraction of the time.

Allow patients to register, schedule & pay for appointments in a self-service manner.

Auto-assign appointments based on location, availability & fulfill appointment using workflow.

Allow patients to attend appointments over video. Auto-generate invoice for services.

Instantly setup a 24/7 automated call center and auto-respond & auto-transcribe patient calls.

Provide a mobile self-service portal for patients to raise requests, access reports, sign docs, make payments.

Auto-assign patient home visits to onsite caregivers & facilitate sample collections in offline mode.

Use answer bots & omnichannel inbox to support users 24/7 over phone, WhatsApp, live chat, email.

Easily generate prescriptions, invoices, health reports & securely share with patients.

Track field staff in real-time & allow them to easily capture voice notes after each patient visit.

Get a 360 view of patients activity, calls, visits, medical history, allergies, insurance details, etc.

Use outbound voice bots & contextual campaigns to generate new leads for your services.

Automatically send important reminders to patients such as appointments, follow-up visits, etc.

Use eSignatures to request signatures on documents from patients, employees & vendors.

Easily generate payment links & auto-send invoices to collect payments from patients.

Empower your employees by digitalizing internal workflows like expense claims, leave, etc.

Simplify the recruitment of hospital staff by using end-to-end HR workflows.

Optimize your patient care by integrating with all your major EMR & external systems.

Automatically capture leads from all channels & distribute / close using customised workflows.

Quickly build a knowledge center for patients & employees to get queries answered on their own.

Automate the entire procurement process from requisition, to supplier portal to payment.

Leverage out-of-box analytics or create no-code custom reports to track SLA & performance.