Why Round Infinity ?

Trusted By 1000+ companies, Round Infinity is world's only cloud contact center & customer engagement software that unifies no-code custom business applications, workflows, conversational AI powered automation & out-of-box CRM applications with omnichannel contact center capabilities so as to provide you with an end-to-end solution on a single platform, delivering everything you need to make customer, employee & partner experience your competitive advantage while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing cost.

Enable Self-Service With No-Code Custom Business Apps

Deliver the amazing self-service experiences your users expect when raising orders, appointments, approvals, payments, etc.

Reduce Costs With 24/7 Automated Service Across Channels

Respond faster to requests & support issues on any channel using contact center automation & intelligent routing.

Digitalize Customer Journeys & Internal Processes

Reduce costs & increase efficiency by digitalizing your operations using workflows enabled mobile responsive custom apps.

Proactively Engage With Customers & Increase Conversion

Serve your users on any channel & drive growth by using personalized, automated & contextual marketing.

Empower Field Service & Customer-Facing Employees

Break silos & empower employees to serve customers better using 360 view of users shared with all departments.

Discover Customer & Employee Sentiment In Real-Time

Get a real-time view into how happy your customers, employees & partners are & take timely action.

How it works ?

An End-to-End Unified Software Platform for Delivering Great Customer, Employee & Partner Experiences Across Marketing, Sales, Service & Operations

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What can it do for my business ?